Synchronicity or Magic?

When one becomes awakened to the invisible forces at work in their life, synchronicity (affectionately termed as “magic”) is a regular occurrence. The following is evidence of the invisible forces working their magic in my life.

I recently participated in a web video course, it was very interesting. For 6 weeks a guest whose life’s work involved the study of plant medicine and shamanism, offered us their time and knowledge. One guest in particular spoke of his work with indigenous healers in South America, and at one point he mentioned the Perfumeros. Whoa! hearing that word made a big impact on me, my heart jumped and my mind scrambled to find an association.

Perfumeros I learned, are the South American indigenous healers who through the smell of a plant or flower, create perfumes for healing purposes. This intrigued me, as I have often wondered why this recent path of creating natural perfumes came into being as an adjunct to my 20+ year career as a bodyworker, shamanic practitioner and healer.

Here inlays the “magic” . . . I have spent time in the last 5 years attempting to trace my lineage through my paternal grandmother. She, along with her sister and mother (my great-grandmother), entered the US from Mexico, their birthplace, in 1915 as evidenced by their immigration records.

These officially recorded documents confirmed my grandmother’s maiden name, my great-grandmother’s name and the year of their immigration into Texas. As yet, no birth records have been found. Through remembering her stories, I know that my grandmother grew up in villages along one of the coasts of Mexico. She often told stories of eating sea turtle and of raids on their villages by Pancho Villa. Whether she lived in encampments or true villages with names, I will never know. This of course makes her stories unprovable by ordinary means.

Through my shamanic training and extensive journeywork into the spirit world, I have received many visions of different events in my paternal lineage, most of which were in response to my inquiries about healing certain aspects of this family line. From these visions I have come to believe that a large portion of my healership and shamanic abilities flow through this bloodline.

In an effort to further the discovery of my lineage, I continue to study the migration of ancient peoples throughout Mexico, Central and South America. I have long had a sense that my ancestry might be traceable in some way to the Incan, Mayan or Olmec peoples. Provable on paper, no, but through my connection to the spirit world, the collective fields of knowledge, and my foundation in shamanic visioning, my curiosity may be satisfied.

Paternal Grandparents: William Johns (25) and Alejandrina Silva (18), March 25,1918

For now, the search continues through the remaining photos of my grandmother’s life. Her facial features possibly offering the best clues to our ancient relatives. If as I suspect, my healer’s lineage comes through this family line, then perhaps too, I may discover that utilizing the soul-essence fragrances of plants to create perfumes and anointing oils is a natural expression of my own ancient lineage. I may even be the Perfumero I am looking for!

May the blessings of the benevolent forces carry us through to the next time.

~ Gail

If you would like to share your own stories of magic and ancestral synchronicity, please submit them to gail at SacredEscentuals dot com

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Prelude to a Blog

Welcome to The Alchemist’s Diary, my blog for sharing events and stories that apply to my path as an alchemist working with the transformational qualities of soul essence-based essential oils, the products I create with them, and their applications in our lives.

Thoughts on Practicing Modern Alchemy

To call oneself an Alchemist means that there is an understanding and a direct experience of the process of transformation. Whether we are discussing the process of turning lead into gold–the alchemy studied by ancient practitioners, or we are discussing transforming one’s life through the process of evolving one’s consciousness.

At this unique point in my life I stand at a crossroads of sorts. For over 20 years I have practiced body- and soul-oriented healing work, and for the past 11 years I have been an on-going student and practitioner of shamanism. Additionally a new path has emerged, that of a Natural Perfumer.

The crossroads is not about having to make a choice about which path to take, it is about acceptance. After all the alchemy of healing and the alchemy of natural perfume making is much the same . . . taking base materials and creating a transformative process by which they become more than they were previously. So the crossroads, my crossroads, is really about having a wider perspective and an expanded lens through which I can perceive life and living, and accepting that I have a greater capacity to do so.

There is a story about this new path coming into being and some of it is available to read on my Natural Perfume and Anointing Oil product site at The rest of my story is an on-going one that I will share with you here at The Alchemist’s Diary from time to time.

It is my greatest hope that this blog will serve in ways that I have not yet dreamed, and that you find inspiration, camaraderie and community as we virtually hold hands and step into our individual and collective futures.

The way is open and we are meant to enjoy it!

~ Gail

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