Under a Graceful Moon

A new batch of Graceful Transitions Anointing Oil just finished curing with the recent Full Moon cycle. The Frankincense essential oil in this one is very energetically potent. It is ready to ship out and to be of service in your life.

Here are some testimonials about this exquisite product.

“I love, love, love, the Graceful Transitions Anointing Oil! I apply it with great joy knowing it may ease my way from one breath to the next. Thank you for this lovely oil. I have used several oils over the years and these are some of the best I’ve experienced.”
C.M., Bodyworker, Yoga Teacher , Horseshoe Bay, Texas

“When I first received and experienced Graceful Transitions Anointing Oil I was immediately empowered with a calm and serene feeling. Wearing it I feel added strength and added support for my soul. I use this oil frequently and enjoy every minute I have it on. I love the name, thank you for making and selling it.”
S.H., Pinole, California

About Graceful Transitions Anointing Oil . . . “This wonderful scent makes me feel soothed and loved and therefore I relax, and feel comfortable within myself.”
U.P., Maui, Hawaii

I am very proud of the on-going success of this very special Anointing Oil. It supports, strengthens, sustains and soothes us through all kinds of transitions . . . from the everyday to life’s great passages.

Order yours today at www.SacredEscentuals.com and  . . .

May the blessings of the benevolent forces carry us through until next time.

~ Gail


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