Yes Virginia, You Really Can Anoint Yourself

At a recent street fair a woman saw our “Natural Perfumes • Anointing Oils” banner. She came over to the booth and asked what Anointing Oils were for. I carefully explained that they are for anointing yourself anytime you wish to shift your attention and vibration from the ordinary to the sacred, such as when entering meditation, prayer or ceremony. Her response surprised us both. “You mean I can anoint myself?” she exclaimed. “Of course” I replied. She looked at me quizzically, then appeared to go into deep thought. After a bit of silence she went about sampling the oils, chose her favorite, made a purchase and walked away. Her way of life and her relationship to the spiritual may have shifted that day.

My mind has come back to her question and my response many times in the weeks that have passed. “You mean I can anoint myself?” “Of course.”

I grew up Catholic, or more accurately, my parents tried to grow me up Catholic. Many years have passed since my childhood, and my spiritual autonomy has evolved. Many members of my family are still practicing Catholics and I occasionally find myself sitting in a mass celebrating a baptism, confirmation, wedding or funeral. I am still able appreciate the ritual aspects of the mass, and find that my body automatically responds to its early training of standing and sitting; and my vocal responses unconsciously chime in with the rest of the parishioners at the appointed moments. Surely a testament to early indoctrination.

My spiritual needs and inclinations have always been larger than what comfortably fits into the box of an organized religion. If you’re a reader of my blog, you may already suspect this. My inclinations and connections to the spiritual are predominantly Nature-based. Thus, I have no need for a hierarchical system that requires an intermediary to function on my behalf, or between me and my spiritual connections. Anyone who chooses to explore beyond their indoctrination of a similar nature, can experience themselves in direct relationship with their God/Creator/Source and the benevolent beings that look after them and provide protection.

Our everyday routines of applying perfume, aftershave, cologne, and lotions are a form of anointing. The only difference between these rituals we perform at home, and what is performed by someone else at church, is our intention and the power that comes from being self-directed.

May the blessings of the benevolent beings carry us through until the next time.

~ Gail

With the spiritual support of our Anointing Oils, Sacred Escentuals has reached its 2nd Anniversary! These oils are ready and willing to assist all of us across the 2012 threshold.

Graceful Transitions

Sacred Alignment

Clarity & Vision

Mystic Woods

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