About the Author, Gail Johns

For over 20 years Gail has been a practitioner of body- and soul-oriented healing. Her extensive studies in several bodywork modalities, energy work, sound healing and shamanism create the foundation of her current private practice. She is an accomplished visionary whose intuitive skills have become highly developed.

After her second visit to Egypt, Gail began creating Natural Perfumes and Anointing Oils that have a specific focus to assist and support us during these current changing times. Soon after creating the perfumes, a spontaneous visionary experience that offered her the opportunity to come into relationship with an energy field or presence. Her shamanic training allows her to discern that this presence is of ancient origin and an intelligence that is teaching her to recognize and understand the soul essence of flowers, plants and Nature itself.

The creation of this blog is the avenue chosen to share the transformational experiences and stories that are a part of her path as an alchemist and creator of sacred scented products.

To read more about her Natural Perfumes and Anointing Oils, and to make a purchase please visit her website at www.SacredEscentuals.com

If you would like to learn about how the role alchemy, holistic healing and shamanism can have in your own life, Gail is available for private consultation, and appointments can be made at 925-939-3833.

Gail on Giza Plateau near the Great Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt


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  1. Esther Wright
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 13:47:22

    Great going…Namaste’, Esther Wright-Dankman


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