The Counsel of Trees

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ~ John Muir

When I first smelled the essential oil of Hemlock Spruce, I traveled back in my memory to all of my favorite times spent in the forest. Many years of summer vacation were spent on family camping trips to Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta in California and on into the Rogue River Valley of Oregon.

On second whiff, I traveled back through all my years of cross-country skiing in the Sierras, the smell of pine and redwood forests, and to the countless times I have looked to the tall trees for direction, inner direction. Somewhere inside, I have always known that the tall trees are ancient guardians and wisdom keepers, and I have had favorite ‘tree friends’ throughout my life.

A conversation with a tree can be an amazing experience, they are great listeners and I find them particularly compassionate. For a tree to ‘hear’ you, the conversation must be heart-centered. Then, when we listen with the heart quietly and long enough, the tree will respond. Patience and being in the present moment is required. In my experience trees make sounds that sometimes resemble human words being toned very slowly. I sense these sounds in my body; others who have heard the trees say that they ‘sing’, and the way you experience them might be entirely different. I believe the trees benefit from our ‘conversation’; it allows them the opportunity to share their deep wisdom of how to live in balance with the Earth, the heavens and all living beings.

Essential to our survival, trees and plants convert sunlight into the air we breathe and the food we eat. The lifespan of some trees is several hundred years, making them the great witnesses to both the marvels and mistakes of human influence on the planet. Next time you are out for a walk in the beauty of Nature, try singing or toning to the tree of your choice and see what kind of connection and conversation is available.

From that memory-evoking Hemlock Spruce essential oil, I have created a new Natural Perfume and a new Anointing Oil. A complex blend that also includes citrus peel oils, sweet orange blossom, and vetiver essential oils. Vetiver is known to assist us in making the deep connection required for hearing Nature’s wisdom. Perfect for that next walk or talk in Nature.

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