Scents and Sensitivity

Last year’s adventures in natural perfuming kept us busy with several more street fair-type events. Our products continue to be delightfully welcomed into the lives of more folks who are sensitive to the alcohols and other unnecessary chemicals that are present in both large and small commercial lines of fragrances. I too, am one of those sensitive types.


Sensitivity is both a great gift and a challenge. Our world and our culture is far different today than in years past. Its fast pace, technology and drive to push forward, keep many distracted and over-stimulated. One of the gifts of sensitivity  allows us to notice when things are out of balance in our lives and offers us the early choice for correction.

We are ALL sensitive, it is part of our inherent nature. We can ALL shift away from our daily distractions, make course corrections into deeper more compassionate and loving relationships with ourselves and others. It is a practice. And when practiced regularly it will soften you, open you, and make you more available to love and to be more loving in your walk through life.

May the blessings of the benevolent beings carry us through until the next time.

~ Gail

All of our Sacred Escentuals products are made with just such sensitivity and you can read about them on our website. Our products support the sensitive nature in all of us and in a variety of ways. That information is also available on the individual product pages.


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